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Kinds of Glass
There are really more kinds of glass than we can adequelty describe. The modern glass factories keep coming up with new ideas and we cannot do justice to the great variety they make. But when we discuss the type of glass with our clients we organize the glass in three general categories. We can then chose the glass samples to match the needs of our clients and continue the process of getting the right glass to suit the stained glass window.

 Translucent (Left) – This is the glass that allows the light to travel through and although it may have color it does not have white. Translucent glass covers cathedrals, mouth blown, water and a variety of textured glass. We use translucent glass when you want the sunlight to come through and cascade colors onto the floor. Translucent glass also looks black at night when no light comes through it.

 Opaque (Right) – This glass comes in many colors but it always has layers of white in it. The white glass in it does not allow all the light to shine through rather like a curtain. Opaque glass is often used in lamps and has a lovely glow when the light shines through it. Opaque glass also looks nice when the light shines on it. We use opaque glass for back lit projects. There is also wonderful variety of colors, mixes and textures found in opalescent and opaque glass.

 Wispy (Middle) – Wispy glass is a combination of translucent and opaque glass. Often cloudy streaks of white have been mixed with the colored translucent glass. The ration of white to translucent varies as does the variety of colors. We often use wispy glass in the sky to provide a nice glow in daylight, and it also shows nicely at night.

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